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Theology Of Søren Kierkegaard - Themes in His Theology - Despair and Sin
... In effect, when a person does not come to a full consciousness of himself or herself, then he or she is said to be in despair ... We left the religious person in the crisis of sickness but this sickness is not unto death ... approximation because the eternal aims from above at the existing person, who by existing is in motion and thus at the moment the eternal touches is ...

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    Beyond the sky there is more sky; beyond one person there are others as well.
    Chinese proverb.

    ... the yearly expenses of the existing religious system ... exceed in these United States twenty millions of dollars. Twenty millions! For teaching what? Things unseen and causes unknown!... Twenty millions would more than suffice to make us wise; and alas! do they not more than suffice to make us foolish?
    Frances Wright (1795–1852)