Exhaled Gas

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Surface-supplied Diving - Equipment - Lightweight Demand Helmets - Reclaim Helmets
... In the case of compressed air, or Nitrox mixtures, the exhaled gas is not valuable enough to justify the expense of recycling, but Helium based mixtures are considerably ... As a result, gas cost is a significant factor in deep open circuit diving with helium based mixtures for long periods ... By using a return line for the exhaled gas, it can be recompressed and used again, almost indefinitely ...
Parts of A Rebreather - Carbon Dioxide Scrubber - Scrubber Failure
... of the "scrubber" to continue removing carbon dioxide from the exhaled gas mix ... This allows the exhaled gas to bypass the absorbent ... In a rebreather, the soda lime must be packed tightly so that all exhaled gas comes into close contact with the granules of soda lime and the loop is designed to avoid any spaces or gaps between the soda lime ...

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