Evdilos - Frantato


The community of Frantato (Τοπική Κοινότητα Φραντάτου) with 658 Inhabitants and 17,48 km² surface lies west of Evdilos and borders neighboring Raches.

  • Frantato (Φραντάτο), 136 Inhabitants
  • Maratho (Μάραθο), 86 Inhabitants
  • Pigi (Πηγή), 71 Inhabitants; in the vicinity of the village lies the Theoktistis Monastery (Μονή Θεοκτίστης). It was founded in the Byzantine era. The first church was built around 1300 C.E.. At its peak, around the 15th century, the monastery was inhabited by around 100 monks, but since 1982 it is deserted.
  • Stavlos (Στάβλος), 24 Inhabitants
  • Avlaki (Αυλάκι), 106 Inhabitants
  • Kampos (Κάμπος), 216 Inhabitants; within its boundaries lies the antique city of Ini (Οινόη), which was the capital of the island until the Byzantine time. Of the Byzantine town only the Odyon, city walls and several buildings are still visible. Wine production constituted the basic income of the city, of which a sum had to be paid to the Attic Treasure. The archaeological museum of Kampos lies next to the Agia Irini church, which was built on the ruins of the classic temple of Dionysos.
  • Kalamourida (Καλαμουρίδα), 6 Inhabitants
  • Kremasti (Κρεμαστή), 13 Inhabitants

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