• (verb): Cause to change into a vapor.
    Synonyms: vaporise
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Entrainment (meteorology)
... would be entrained throughout the cloud before it would start to evaporate the cloud droplets ... This model assumes that the time it takes to evaporate cloud drops is short compared to the mixing timescales ... environment air would completely evaporate the cloud drops within the entrained area, which would reduce the total number of cloud drops ...
Provision (musical Group) - Previous Members and Crew
... Matt Coker Vocals, synthesizers, and lyrics on Provision's debut album Evaporate ... Katie McKinney Live Synths for 3 shows in 2002 after Matt Coker left, during the Evaporate Era ... from summer 2002 to early 2003, during the Evaporate Era and on the Liberation Winter Tour of 2002 / 2003 ...
Stability of A Micro Black Hole - Hawking Radiation
... In 1974 Stephen Hawking argued that due to quantum effects, black holes "evaporate" by a process now referred to as Hawking radiation in which elementary particles (photons, electrons, quarks, gluons, etc ... Any primordial black hole of sufficiently low mass will evaporate to near the Planck mass within the lifetime of the Universe ... the more the black hole loses mass the hotter it becomes, and the faster it evaporates, until it approaches the Planck mass ...
Black Holes In Fiction - Classification of Black Holes - Quantum Black Holes
... radiation, and so in practical terms do not evaporate ... Very small black holes evaporate very quickly a hole massing around 228 kg (weighing a quarter-ton at the surface of the Earth) would evaporate in a nanosecond ...
Provision (musical Group) - Innocence - Evaporate - Devotion
... to self release their debut album Evaporate on May 31, 2002, the day before Provision performed in Los Angeles at Synthcon 2002 where just 2 days later they won "Best New U.S ... Awards thus solidifying their name and sound in the Synthpop world Evaporate was mastered by Mark Reynolds of the band Red Flag ... Evaporate showcased the Provision message and sound through intense vocals, intricate analog programming, and expressive percussion ...

More definitions of "evaporate":

  • (verb): Change into a vapor.
    Synonyms: vaporise
  • (verb): Lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue.
    Example: "Evaporate milk"
    Synonyms: vaporize, vaporise