Eurovision Song Contest 1957 - Results


Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
01 Belgium Dutch Bobbejaan Schoepen "Straatdeuntje" Street tune 8 5
02 Luxembourg French Danièle Dupré "Amours mortes (tant de peine)" Dead love (so much sorrow) 4 8
03 United Kingdom English Patricia Bredin "All" - 7 6
04 Italy Italian Nunzio Gallo "Corde della mia chitarra" Strings of my guitar 6 7
05 Austria German Bob Martin "Wohin, kleines Pony?" Where to, little pony? 10 3
06 Netherlands Dutch Corry Brokken "Net als toen" Just like then 1 31
07 Germany German Margot Hielscher "Telefon, Telefon" Telephone, telephone 4 8
08 France French Paule Desjardins "La belle amour" Beautiful love 2 17
09 Denmark Danish Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler "Skibet skal sejle i nat" The ship will sail tonight 3 10
10 Switzerland French Lys Assia "L'enfant que j'étais" The child I was 8 5

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