European Economic Area Family Permit

A European Economic Area Family Permit (short: EEA family permit) is an immigration document that permits the holder to enter the United Kingdom as the dependent of a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA). They are issued under the authority of free movement provisions of the Treaty of Rome and European Law. Additionally, dependents of citizens of Switzerland can also apply for this document although Switzerland is not a member of the EEA. A family permit can be issued for both a short term visit and/or to enable to holder to take up residence in the UK. As the documents are only valid for six months a person seeking to remain in the UK will need to apply for residence documentation from the UK Border Agency.

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European Economic Area Family Permit - Conditions of Issue
... for applicants is available on the UKvisas website but in essence family permits will be issued if the applicant is the spouse, civil partner or dependent child of an EEA ... be a self-sufficient person (this is called "exercising a treaty right") and for the family unit not to fall dependent on public funds whilst in the United Kingdom ...
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