Euro Starter Kits - Spain


Spain was one of the first countries to join the eurozone. The Spanish starter kits or “Monedero Euro” had a face value of €12,02 equivalent to 1999.96 pesetas, however, they were sold for 2000 pesetas. These kits were released on 15 December 2001. On 1 September 2001, special starter kits for merchants were issued. The latter had a face value of €30,41 (5060 pesetas).

Spanish Starter Kits Content
Starter Kit €2.00 €1.00 €0.50 €0.20 €0.10 €0.05 €0.02 € 0.01 Face Value Issue Date Quantity
Business Starter Kit €30.41 01.09.2001 3,500,000
Public mini-Starter Kit 2 coins 2 coins 7 coins 7 coins 6 coins 6 coins 9 coins 4 coins €12.02 15.12.2001 23,000,000

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