Eureka ITEA2 Well Com Project - Main Outcome


Main Outcome

The main outcome of the WellCom project was a set of demonstrators, showing

  • the interactivity of Bluetooth and NFC for personalisation of content
  • voting and gaming on the mobile phone, with the same questions to be asked as in the main TV show
  • chat with your friends watching the same TV show, but sitting at a remote place.

Trials were performed in France, Spain, Luxembourg, and Norway to show the capabilities of Interactive TV, using the mobile phone as an extra channel for interacting with the TV.

The rapid advances in mobile technologies have turned the development into another direction. TV consumers have not changed their habits, and the majority of them still join TV at the time it is shown. Interactive TV is thus still dominated through SMS and phone calls, but mobile devices have contributed that the viewing of TV is independent of sitting in front of a TV.

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