Eureka ITEA2 Well Com Project

Eureka ITEA2 Well Com Project

Interactive tv is commonly regarded as interacting with the TV. Already in 2004 the Norwegian Newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) published an article on SMT-TV, poiting out that using SMS services does not only create income for the TV company, but also reduces churn (switching to other channels) and provides good feedback on user behaviour. The new trends in interactive TV, starting in 2008, are the trends of building a community of users watching TV and using community services on the TV.

The primary goal of these initiatives was to keep the user in front of the TV, as more and more set-top boxes had the capabilities of record TV streams. This primary goal was extended by adding the joint experience to the TV viewing, where viewing together might even happen at separate places. Several research projects were launched at that time, and the WellCom project is one example of such a project dealing with Interactive tv. What is in common in all these projects is the involvement of users in the TV, which thus turns into an interactive device rather than a broadcast device.

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