Eunomia may refer to:

  • Eunomia (goddess) one of the Horae, goddesses of Greek mythology
  • Eunomia (moth), a moth genus
  • Callicore eunomia, a nymphalid butterfly species
  • Boloria eunomia (formerly Proclossiana eunomia eunomia), scientific names for the Bog Fritillary butterfly
  • The Eunomia family of asteroids (named after the goddess)
    • 15 Eunomia, the largest asteroid in that family
  • A fictional computer in SoltyRei; see List of SoltyRei characters#Eunomia

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Eunomia Family
... The Eunomia or Eunomian family of asteroids is a large grouping of S-type asteroids named after the Greek goddess Eunomia ...
Eunomia (goddess) - Horae
... Eunomia was the goddess of law and legislation and one of the Second Generation of the Horae along with her sisters Dikē and Eirene ... From Pindar Eunomia and that unsullied fountain Dikē, her sister, sure support of cities and Eirene of the same kin, who are the stewards of wealth for mankind ... Eunomia's name, together with that of her sisters, formed a Hendiatris Good Order, Justice, and Peace ...
List Of Solty Rei Characters - Supporting
... humans to allow Roy and Andy to continue on their way to deactivate Eunomia ... Eunomia (エウノミア?) The central main computer of R.U.C ... Eunomia controls and regulates the water and energy supply in the city through its tentacle-like wirings ...
List Of Solty Rei Episodes - Episode List
... reveals the true purpose of PROCEED experiment to be free from Eunomia's control and take over using Rose as the perfect PROCEED to do the job ... In response to the threat, Eunomia used her link to manipulate Resembles under her control, putting the city into a state of panic ... in its path Roy, Andy and Larry are on a race against time to halt Eunomia's activity while Solty, finally gaining the ability to levitate, confronts Accela to stop the destruction ...