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List Of Di-Gata Defenders Characters - Antagonists - Malco
... But during the sieges of Yan-Suma, he was mortally wounded and petrified by the Ethos as he helped Nazmul and Brackus reclaim the Celestial Abyss ... He is found by the Ethos Emissaries, as he still has life within him ... The Ethos Emissaries take control of him, restoring his power and giving him the ability to speak, but making him tainted in color, gain corrupted power, and the sigil designs on his body are now purple ...

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    There can only be one Commander-in-Chief. In these times, crises cannot be managed and wars cannot be waged by committee. To the ears of the world, the President speaks for the nation. While he is of course ultimately accountable to Congress, the courts, and the people, he and his emissaries must not be handicapped in advance in their relations with foreign governments as has sometimes happened in the past.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)

    Take the serious side of Disney, the Confucian side of Disney. It’s in having taken an ethos ... where you have the values of courage and tenderness asserted in a way that everybody can understand. You have got an absolute genius there. You have got a greater correlation of nature than you have had since the time of Alexander the Great.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)