Essentially Contested

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Essentially Contested Concept - Not "hotly Disputed" Concepts
... Whilst Gallie's expression "essentially contested concepts" precisely denotes those "essentially questionable and corrigible concepts," which "...are permanently and essentially subject to revision and ... term has led many to the mistaken belief that he spoke of hotly disputed, rather than essentially disputed concepts ... Any assertion that "essentially contested" concepts are incommensurable made at the same time as an assertion that "they have any common subject-matter" is ...
Essentially Contested Concept
... Aristotelian Society on 12 March 1956, Walter Bryce Gallie (1912–1998) introduced the term essentially contested concept to facilitate an ... Garver (1978) describes their use as follows The term essentially contested concepts gives a name to a problematic situation that many people recognize that in ... Essentially contested concepts involve widespread agreement on a concept (e.g ...

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    Another danger is imminent: A contested result. And we have no such means for its decision as ought to be provided by law. This must be attended to hereafter.... If a contest comes now it may lead to a conflict of arms. I can only try to do my duty to my countrymen in that case. I shall let no personal ambition turn me from the path of duty. Bloodshed and civil war must be averted if possible. If forced to fight, I have no fears from lack of courage or firmness.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    We admire Chaucer for his sturdy English wit.... But though it is full of good sense and humanity, it is not transcendent poetry. For picturesque description of persons it is, perhaps, without a parallel in English poetry; yet it is essentially humorous, as the loftiest genius never is.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)