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On Mac OS X systems, Esperanto characters can be entered by activating the U.S. Extended keyboard layout in the "Input Menu" pane of the "International" system preferences.

When the U.S. Extended keyboard layout is active, Esperanto characters can be entered using multiple keystrokes using a simple mnemonic device: the 6 key contains the caret character, which looks like a circumflex, so option-6 places a caret over the following character; similarly, Option-b stands for breve, so option-b adds the breve mark over the next character.

The full reference is as follows:

Char Name Keystrokes
Ĉ C-circumflex option-6 shift-c
ĉ c-circumflex option-6 c
Ĝ G-circumflex option-6 shift-g
ĝ g-circumflex option-6 g
Ĥ H-circumflex option-6 shift-h
ĥ h-circumflex option-6 h
Ĵ J-circumflex option-6 shift-j
ĵ j-circumflex option-6 j
Ŝ S-circumflex option-6 shift-s
ŝ s-circumflex option-6 s
Ŭ U-breve option-b shift-u
ŭ u-breve option-b u

Swedish Esperantists using Mac OS X can use the Finnish Extended layout, which comes with the OS. Finnish has the same alphabet and type layout as Swedish; the Finnish Extended layout adds functionality just like U.S. Extended, only using other key combinations (the breve appears when you type option+y and the circumflex when you type a circumflex).

Similarly, British users may use the Irish Extended layout, which differs from the U.S. Extended keyboard layout in several ways (preserving the simple option+vowel method of applying acute accents, important for the Irish language, and the £ sign on shift-3 like the UK layout), but uses the same "dead-keys" for modifiers as U.S. Extended for Esperanto characters.

In OS X it is also possible to create your own keyboard layouts, so it is relatively easy to have more convenient mappings, like for example one based on typing an x after the letter.

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