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Lumière (Kiddy Grade) - Other ES Members - Alv and Dvergr - Alv
... (Nordic, Elf) - GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 20, partner to Dvergr ... Special abilities "Absorb" and "Reflex" Alv is an ES member of the GOTT, or the Galactic Organisation of Trade and Tariffs ... Alv is the more vocal of the pair and disliked by most ES members, specifically Tweedledee and Eclair ...
Éclair (Kiddy Grade) - Main Characters - Eclipse
... by Mika Doi (Japanese) Scarlett McAlister (English) Information Rank Chief/ES Member G-Class Powers "Kvant" - able to 'encode' a soul into another body "Teleportation" - Quantum jumping over short ... by sending of various groups of people or ES members to either fight, arrest, seize, destroy or assist in order to achieve the goal of normal economic activity ... An ES member cannot disobey a direct order from Chief Eclipse, and by doing so this results in a Purge ...

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    Bible: Hebrew, Deuteronomy 15:7,8.