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Delay-locked Loop
... A DLL can be used to change the phase of a clock signal (a signal with a periodic waveform), usually to enhance the clock rise-to-data output valid timing characteristics of ... The output of the DLL is the resulting, negatively delayed clock signal ... A DLL compares the phase of its last output with the input clock to generate an error signal which is then integrated and fed back as the control to all of ...
Perceptual Control Theory - Mathematics of PCT
... The model assumes that a perceptual signal within the participant represents the magnitude of the input quantity qi ... This suggests that the perceptual signal p quantitatively represents the cursor position C minus the target position T, as expressed in the equation p=C–T ... perception of target and cursor and the construction of the signal representing the distance between them there is a delay of Τ milliseconds, so that the working perceptual signal at time t represents ...
Bird Vocalization - Auditory Feedback in Birdsong Learning
... model in which LMAN (of the anterior forebrain) plays a primary role in error correction, as it detects differences between the song produced by the bird and its memorized song ... two competing models that elucidate the role of LMAN in generating an instructive error signal and projecting it to the motor production pathway Bird’s Own Song (BOS)-tuned Error Correction Model During singing, the ... Efference Copy Model of Error Correction An efference copy of the motor command for song production is the basis of the real-time error-correction signal ...
Amplidyne - How It Is Used in A Gun Mount
... the operation of the amplidyne "The synchro control transformer receives the order signal which indicates electrically what the position of the load should be ... not agree, it generates an alternating-current signal which is transmitted to the amplifier ... between the two positions is called the error, and the signal to the amplifier is the error signal ...
Frequency Synthesizer - Principle of PLL Synthesizers
... It compares the phases of two input signals and produces an error signal that is proportional to the difference between their phases ... The error signal is then low pass filtered and used to drive a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) which creates an output frequency ... If the output frequency drifts, the phase error signal will increase, driving the frequency in the opposite direction so as to reduce the error ...

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    Change begets change. Nothing propagates so fast. If a man habituated to a narrow circle of cares and pleasures, out of which he seldom travels, step beyond it, though for never so brief a space, his departure from the monotonous scene on which he has been an actor of importance would seem to be the signal for instant confusion.... The mine which Time has slowly dug beneath familiar objects is sprung in an instant; and what was rock before, becomes but sand and dust.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    ‘Tis this desire of bending all things to our own purposes which turns them into confusion and is the chief source of every error in our lives.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)