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Erol Alkan has also taken a hand to producing, working on 3 albums within a 2 year period. His first production credit is the entire Mystery Jets' second album, Twenty One, which contained the 2 top 40 hit singles Young Love (Mystery Jets song) and Two Doors Down (Mystery Jets song), Late of the Pier's debut record, Fantasy Black Channel, and The Long Blondes' second album Couples

In 2007 Alkan founded his own label, named Phantasy. In mid 2009 he collaborated with German DJ and producer Boys Noize, producing two tracks titled "Death Suite" and "Waves", these marked the first of Alkan's original releases. They both then followed it with another single titled "Avalanche" which was back by the club hit 'Lemonade'

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Producer may refer to

An occupation
  • Film producer, oversees the making of films
    • Executive producer, sometimes a 'deal-making', or money-raising producer not involved in day-to-day production
    • Line producer, manages the budget and/or day to day running of a film production
  • Hip hop producer, creates hip hop music using electronic instruments
  • Impresario, a producer or manager in the theatre and music industries
  • Producer (agriculture), a farm operator
  • Radio producer, oversees the making of a radio show
  • Record producer, or musical event producer, in the music industry
  • Television producer, oversees the making of television programs
  • Theatrical producer, oversees the staging of theatre productions
  • Video game producer, produces computer and console games
  • Web producer, oversees the management of web sites
    • Online producer, oversees the making of content for web sites
  • Autotroph, an organism that synthesizes energy-rich organic compounds
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