Erling is a Nordic male name, meaning "Heir of clanchief", i.e. prince or similar. Notable people named Erling include:

  • Erling Eidem, Swedish theologian who served as archbishop of Uppsala 1931–1950
  • Erling Lorentzen of Norwegian royalty
  • Erling Dekke Næss, controlled the first OBO carrier, proposed the Norwegian International Ship Register
  • Erling Persson, founder of H&M
  • Erling Skakke, 13th century Norwegian earl
  • Erling Steinvegg, candidate of Bagler to the Norwegian throne from 1204 to 1207
  • Erling von Mende, professor of Sinology at FU Berlin
  • Erling Wold, contemporary American composer
  • Tapani Erling, political chairman of the World Customs Organization.

Erling could also refer to the following places::

  • Erling, Danyang, Jiangsu (珥陵镇), town in Danyang City, Jiangsu, China
  • Erling, Bavaria, village at the foot of the Benedictine Abbey in Andechs municipality, Bavaria, Germany

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