Enter The Dru - Track Listing

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Enter the Dru" (Interlude) Mark Andrews; David Evans Sisqó, Baby Dave 0:53
2. "Real Freak" (featuring Chinky Brown Eyes) Mark Andrews; David Evans Sisqó, Baby Dave 3:34
3. "How Deep Is Your Love" Tamir Ruffin; Mark Andrews; Warryn Campbell Dutch, Nokio The N-Tity, Warryn Campbell 4:03
4. "This Is What We Do" (featuring Method Man) Mark Andrews; Tamir Ruffin; Rick Cousin Nokio The N-Tity, Dutch 4:21
5. "Holding You" Larry Anthony; Rick Cousin Dutch, Jazz 4:28
6. "I'm Wondering" Tamir Ruffin; Warryn Campbell; Rick Cousin Warryn Campbell, Nokio The N-Tity 4:17
7. "You Are Everything" Mark Andrews; Rick Cousin Sisqó, Dutch 4:34
8. "I'll Be the One" Daryl Simmons Daryl Simmons 4:26
9. "Nowhere Without You" (Interlude) Mark Andrews; James Green Sisqó, Warryn Campbell 1:06
10. "One Good Reason" Ralph Stacy; Raphael Brown Ralph Stacy, Nokio The N-Tity 4:15
11. "Angel" (Interlude) James Green; Warryn Campbell Warryn Campbell, Woody 1:33
12. "Angel" James Green; Warryn Campbell Warryn Campbell, Woody, Nokio The N-Tity 4:24
13. "What Do I Do with the Love" Diane Warren David Foster, Guy Roche, Nokio The N-Tity 4:46
14. "Beauty" Tamir Ruffin; Guy Roche; Phil Weatherspoon Guy Roche, Nokio The N-Tity 4:32
15. "These Are the Times" Kenneth Edmonds; Damon Thomas Babyface, Damon Thomas 4:09
16. "The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)" Terry Callier; Larry Wade Daryl Simmons 5:35
17. "What Are We Gonna Do" Tamir Ruffin; Ralph Cousin; Shep Crawford Nokio The N-Tity, Dutch 5:06

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