Entente, meaning a diplomatic "understanding", may refer to a number of agreements:

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Alexander Konstantinovich Benckendorff - Biography
... rapprochement even before it actually resulted in an entente ... major achievement was to organise the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907, which solidified relations between the two nations and helped create the Triple Entente, the alignment which would later ...
Triple Entente
... The Triple Entente (from French entente "good will") was the name given to the alliance between France, Britain, and Russia after the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente on August 31 ... War I in 1914, all three members of the Triple Entente entered it as Allies against Germany and Austria-Hungary ...
Entente - Other
... The Entente Florale, an international competition recognising European municipalities and villages for excellence in horticultural displays ...
Negotiations Of Bulgaria With The Central Powers And The Entente
... of Bulgaria with the Central Powers and the Entente were attempts of the two belligerents in World War I, the Central Powers and the Entente to involve Bulgaria in the ... If Bulgaria allied itself with the Entente it would have disrupted the links of Germany and Austria-Hungary with the Ottoman Empire and would have taken the straits opening a ... The Entente offered Bulgaria Eastern Thrace to the west of the line Midia-Enos and uncertain guarantees for Macedonia ...

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    Friends, both the imaginary ones you build for yourself out of phrases taken from a living writer, or real ones from college, and relatives, despite all the waste of ceremony and fakery and the fact that out of an hour of conversation you may have only five minutes in which the old entente reappears, are the only real means for foreign ideas to enter your brain.
    Nicholson Baker (b. 1957)