Ensoniq VFX

The Ensoniq VFX Synth was initially released as a performance type synthesizer in 1989. Shortly after, the VFX-SD followed and included some updated waveforms (drum waves), a 24-track sequencer and a floppy drive. Both models were equipped with the Ensoniq Signal Processing (ESP) chip for 24-bit effects. The VFX-SD also included two AUX outs, which allowed for a total of 4 outputs from the synth for more routing flexibility. The initial models were 21-voice polyphony, and in latter models of the VFX-SD (I/II) and the SD-1, the polyphony was 32.

There were many features that caused this synth line to be popular. Some of these were:

  1. The sound of the synth itself.
  2. The performance capabilities for live use.
  3. The versatility of the sequencer (VFX-SD's).

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