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Nitrox - Dangers - Fire and Toxic Cylinder Contamination From Oxygen Reactions
... A few facilities have begun to fill cylinders with air which has been enriched with oxygen by a pre-mixing process, so that it is pressurized as nitrox for the first time in the diving cylinder ... system which removes nitrogen from the air during compression or by a 'stick' blending technique where pure oxygen is mixed with air in a baffled chamber attached to the compressor intake ... cylinder until it reaches 300–500 psi (20–30 bar) before air is added by compressor) there is an especially increased risk of fire ...
Inerting System - Inerting Gas Systems in Aircraft
... This causes the ullage fuel air ratio to increase rapidly and the ullage fuel air ratio to exceed the lower flammability limit ... Safety Board's (NTSB) final report on the crash of TWA 747 concluded “The fuel air vapor in the ullage of the TWA flight 800 CWT was flammable at the ... However, another FAA group developed a nitrogen enriched air (NEA) based inerting system prototype that operated on compressed air supplied by the aircraft’s ...

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    No jutty, frieze,
    Buttress, nor coign of vantage, but this bird
    Hath made his pendant bed and procreant cradle;
    Where they most breed and haunt, I have observed
    The air is delicate.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Universal orthodoxy is enriched by every new discovery of truth: what at first appeared universal, by wishing to stand still, sooner or later becomes a sect.
    Edgar Quinet (1803–1875)