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... walk" (één uur gaans) which makes it equivalent to the English league – about three English miles or five kilometres, though the exact distance varied from region to region ... The word mijl has since fallen into disuse except when referring to the "mile" used in English-speaking countries ... was generally somewhat smaller than the English rod, which is 16.5 feet (or 5.0292 metres) ...

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    There is a distinction to be drawn between true collectors and accumulators. Collectors are discriminating; accumulators act at random. The Collyer brothers, who died among the tons of newspapers and trash with which they filled every cubic foot of their house so that they could scarcely move, were a classic example of accumulators, but there are many of us whose houses are filled with all manner of things that we “can’t bear to throw away.”
    Russell Lynes (1910–1991)

    The “Communism” of the English intellectual is something explicable enough. It is the patriotism of the deracinated.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)