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Empress Yin (He)
... Empress Yin (陰皇后, personal name unknown) (died c. 102) was an empress during Han Dynasty ... She was the daughter of Yin Gang (陰綱), the grandson of Emperor Guangwu's wife Empress Yin Lihua's brother Yin Shi (陰識) ...
Emperor He Of Han - Late Reign - Marital Issues
... In 96, Emperor He created one of his favorites, Consort Yin—who came from the noble lineage of a brother of Emperor Guangwu's wife, Empress Yin Lihua—empress ... was described to have tried to alleviate this situation by acting humbling before Empress Yin, but this further drew her wrath ... Once, when Emperor He was ill, Empress Yin made the remark that if she became empress dowager, the Dengs would be slaughtered—and upon hearing that remark, Consort ...
Empress Yin Yuying
... Empress Yin Yuying (殷玉英) (died 453) was briefly an empress of the Chinese dynasty Liu Song ... Yin Yuying was the daughter of Yin Chun (殷淳), an official under Emperor Wen, who died in 434 at the age of 31 ... There was no evidence that Crown Princess Yin was involved in the plot, although her uncle Yin Chong (殷沖) thereafter became a key official for Liu Shao ...
Empress Yin Lihua - As Empress
... By 41, Empress Guo had long lost the emperor's favor ... In 41, he deposed her and made Consort Yin empress instead ... In 43, Emperor Guangwu agreed and Prince Yang, the oldest son of Empress Yin, crown prince instead ...
Empress Deng Sui - Imperial Consort and Empress
... When Deng Sui became an imperial consort, Emperor He had already created Empress Yin empress ... Empress Yin was described as beautiful but short and clumsy, and she was also known for jealousy ... described as constantly trying to cover Empress Yin's mistakes ...

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    The Japanese do not fear God. They only fear bombs.
    Jerome Cady, U.S. screenwriter. Lewis Milestone. Yin Chu Ling, The Purple Heart (1944)

    We never really are the adults we pretend to be. We wear the mask and perhaps the clothes and posture of grown-ups, but inside our skin we are never as wise or as sure or as strong as we want to convince ourselves and others we are. We may fool all the rest of the people all of the time, but we never fool our parents. They can see behind the mask of adulthood. To her mommy and daddy, the empress never has on any clothes—and knows it.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)