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Madison Symmetric Torus - Ongoing Experiments in The MST Program - Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy and Ion Doppler Spectroscopy
... This emission has discrete values of energy, or wavelength, which correspond to the energy differences between the initial and final atomic levels of a particular electron transition ... This line emission is Doppler-broadened as a result of ion thermal motion, and Doppler-shifted as a result of ion flow ... The Doppler shift causes the emission to be blue-shifted (towards shorter wavelength/higher frequency) if the ions are moving towards the point of observation ...
... OTELO (OSIRIS Tunable Emission Line Object survey) is an emission line object survey using OSIRIS tunable filters in selected atmospheric windows relatively free of sky emission lines ... different not broad band based but emission line based, which will allow detecting faint continuum objects ... populations (specifically the faint end luminosity), Emissión line ellipticals (detectable depending upon its evolution), chemical evolution of the Universe between z=0.24 and z=1.5, mass/luminosity relation vs ...
Timeline Of Chemical Elements Discoveries - Recorded Discoveries
... They discovered caesium by its two blue emission lines in a sample of Dürkheim mineral water ... a few months after caesium, by observing new spectral lines in the mineral lepidolite ... discovery of rubidium, Crookes found a new green line in a selenium sample later that year, Lamy found the element to be metallic ...

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