Embodied Mind

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Embodied Cognition
... In philosophy, the embodied mind thesis holds that the nature of the human mind is largely determined by the form of the human body ... and artificial intelligence researchers who study embodied cognition and the embodied mind argue that all aspects of cognition are shaped by aspects of the body ... The embodied mind thesis is opposed to other theories of cognition such as cognitivism, computationalism, and Cartesian dualism ...
Philosophers Of Mathematics - Contemporary Schools of Thought - Embodied Mind Theories
... Embodied mind theories hold that mathematical thought is a natural outgrowth of the human cognitive apparatus which finds itself in our physical universe ... However, the human mind has no special claim on reality or approaches to it built out of math ... are true then they are true as a map of the human mind and cognition ...
George Lakoff - Embodied Mind - Mathematics
... he is saying that there is nothing outside of the thought structures we derive from our embodied minds that we can use to "prove" that mathematics is somehow beyond biology ... at length that mathematical and philosophical ideas are best understood in light of the embodied mind ...

Famous quotes containing the words mind and/or embodied:

    It is from a weakness and smallness of mind that men are opinionated; and we are very loath to believe what we are not able to comprehend.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    A symbol is indeed the only possible expression of some invisible essence, a transparent lamp about a spiritual flame; while allegory is one of many possible representations of an embodied thing, or familiar principle, and belongs to fancy and not to imagination: the one is a revelation, the other an amusement.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)