Electronic Battleship: Advanced Mission - Scanning For Enemy Ships - Version 2

Version 2

Attack Squadrons: Unlike the sonar sweep, which can only give a broad estimation about the location of enemy fleets, the attack squadrons can pin-point the exact spot where they are located. At the start of the game, you have two attack squadron jets on the flight deck of your Aircraft Carrier. To explore enemy territory, you'll have to move them into the battle zone. Input the coordinates of the space in enemy territory you want the jet to fly to and input the search pattern that it will use to search for enemy vessels. The search pattern can either be in an "X" shape covering five grid spaces or a cross/plus "+" shape also covering five grid spaces. The search patterns include the grid space directly beneath the aircraft plus the immediate four grid spaces that surround it either diagnally in the "X" pattern or vertically/horzontally in the cross/plus "+" pattern. If enemy ships are detected within this search area the attack squadron will be able to immediately fire its complement of missiles at the grid spaces in which enemy ships were detected (in this version there is no option not to fire). Once an aircraft fires its missiles it can still move and scan on subsequent turns, but it will not be able to attack any ships that it discovers.

Note: Attack squadrons can be destroyed while they are on the deck of the aircraft carrier. If a weapon damages the grid space that an attack squadron it is on, not only will the aircraft carrier be damaged, but the squadron is also destroyed.

You may keep using your jets for as long as you wish, as long as they are not destroyed by enemy missiles or anti-air weapons.

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