Electromagnetic Absorption By Water - Vibrational Spectrum - Visible Region

Visible Region

Very weak light absorption, in the visible region, by liquid water has been measured using an integrating cavity absorption meter (ICAM). The absorption was attributed to a sequence of overtone and combination bands whose intensity decreases at each step, giving rise to a minimum at about 420 nm, at which wavelength the attenuation coefficient is about 0.004 m−1, corresponding to 50% absorption at a path length of 250 m.

Predicted wavelengths of overtones and combination bands of liquid water in the visible region
ν1, ν3 ν2 wavelength /nm
4 0 742
4 1 662
5 0 605
5 1 550
6 0 514
6 1 474
7 0 449
7 1 418
8 0 401
8 1 376

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