Electoral History of Daniel Inouye - U.S. House Elections

U.S. House Elections

Hawaii At-large congressional district, 1959 (Democratic primary):

  • Daniel Inouye - 51,787 (65.33%)
  • Patsy Mink - 21,702 (27.38%)
  • Elizabeth K. Young - 5,783 (7.30%)

Hawaii At-large congressional district, 1959:

  • Daniel Inouye (D) - 111,727 (68.64%)
  • Charles H. Silva (R) - 51,058 (31.37%)

Hawaii At-large congressional district, 1960:

  • Daniel Inouye (D) (inc.) - 135,827 (74.37%)
  • Frederick Titcomb (R) - 46,812 (25.63%)

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