Elder Sextus Roscius

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... Sextus (abbreviated Sex ... Latin sextus, "sixth") ... Among those named Sextus are Sextus Roscius Sextus Pompeius (younger son of Pompey the Great) Sextus Pompeius (relatives of Pompey the Great) Sextus Propertius Sextus ...
Sextus Cocceius Vibianus
... Sextus Cocceius Vibianus was a Roman Senator in 204 ... He was the son of Sextus Cocceius Severianus and grandson of Sextus Cocceius Severianus, Proconsul and Legate of Africa between 161 and 163, and wife Caesonia ...
Pro Roscio Amerino - Events Surrounding The Case
... possible the accusation of the younger Roscius of Ameria began long before the murder of the elder Sextus Roscius of Ameria ... In 81 BCE, Sextus Roscius of Ameria, a wealthy landowner, was murdered while returning from a party in Rome ... Immediately following, word of his death was sent by Roscius Magnus, who was in Rome, to Roscius Capito who was in Ameria, Both men were relations of Sextus Roscius, and according to E.H ...
Sextus Cocceius Severianus
... Sextus Cocceius Severianus was a Proconsul and Legate of Africa between 161 and 163 ... He married Caesonia and had a son Sextus Cocceius Severianus, who married and had a son Sextus Cocceius Vibianus, Roman Senator in 204 ...
Sextus Of Chaeronea
... Sextus of Chaeronea (fl ... when Marcus was an old man, in the latter part of his reign, he received instruction from Sextus, who was teaching in Rome The Emperor Marcus was an eager disciple ... is good even for an old man to learn I am now on my way to Sextus the philosopher to learn what I do not yet know." And Lucius, raising his hand to heaven, said, "O Zeus, the king of the Romans ...

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    Carthage must be destroyed.
    [Delenda est Carthago.]
    —Marcus Porcius Cato The Elder (234–149 B.C.)

    Make room, Roman writers, make room for Greek writers; something greater than the Iliad is born.
    —Propertius Sextus (c. 50–16 B.C.)