El Duende Group

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Dos Pilas - The Site - Caves
... There are five major caves Cueva de El Duende, Cueva de Río El Duende, Cueva de Río Murciélagos, Cueva de Sangre and Cueva de Kaxon Pec ... On the hill forming the base of the El Duende group were erected several stelae containing toponym glyphs ... The fact that the El Duende group were originally named after this subterranean water source demonstrates how important this cave was to the ancient ...
Dos Pilas - The Site - El Duende Group
... The El Duende group lies about 1 km to the east of the site core ... This group was built by Itzamnaaj K'awiil after his victory over Tikal in 705 ... El Duende is the largest pyramid in the city, built by enlarging and terracing a natural hill some way from the site core, giving the impression of a single massive structure ...

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