Eisler is a German surname that may refer to:

  • Barry Eisler, American novelist
  • Brenda Eisler, Canadian long jumper
  • Georg Eisler, Austrian painter
  • Gerhart Eisler, German journalist and politician
  • Hanns Eisler, Austrian composer
  • Jerzy Eisler, Polish historian
  • Lloyd Eisler, Canadian figure skater
  • Paul Eisler, Austrian engineer
  • Paul Eisler, Czech economist
  • Riane Eisler, American sociologist
  • Robert Eisler, Austrian Jewish art historian and Biblical scholar

Other articles related to "eisler":

Ruth Fischer - Life and Work
... Fischer was born Elfriede Eisler in Leipzig in 1895, the daughter of Marie (née Fischer) and Rudolf Eisler, a professor of philosophy at Leipzig ... to noted film and concert composer Hanns Eisler and fellow communist activist Gerhart Eisler ...
Charlotte Eisler
... Charlotte Eisler (2 August 1894 - 21 August 1970) was an Austrian singer, pianist and music teacher associated with the Second Viennese School ... met composers Arnold Schönberg and Hanns Eisler ... She married Eisler in 1920, they separated in 1934 ...
Let No One Deceive You - Track Listing
230 "The Love Market" (Brecht, Hanns Eisler) – 240 "We All Make the Bed That We Lie In – 337 "Song Of A German Mother" (Brecht, Eisler) – 358 "Lullabies I ...
Man Into Wolf - Subject Matter
... Eisler begins with an investigation into sadism and masochism which concludes that people seek not pleasure so much as strong sensations ... However, Eisler argues that Ice Age food shortages caused some to imitate wolves and other beasts of prey, wearing animal skins and taking up hunting ... Eisler advocates a return to what he imagines was the harmonious life of the earliest primates and proposes the development of a new psychology and ultimately a new society, lest we are destroyed in a nuclear ...