Eibergen is a former municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands in an area called Achterhoek. The administrative cooperation of about 20 municipalities in this region, is called Regio Achterhoek.

On January 1, 2005 the municipality Eibergen merged with the municipalities of Neede, Borculo and Ruurlo into the municipality of Berkelland.

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Berkelland - Population Centres
... Formerly part of Eibergen Avest, Beltrum, Eibergen, Holterhoek, Hupsel, Lintvelde, Loo, Mallem, Olden Eibergen, Rekken, Zwolle ...
World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament
... This contest takes place every year in Eibergen, Groenlo and Zieuwent in the Netherlands ... In the early 1980s the Eibergen Police department took the initiative to have a tournament with their German colleagues, to improve their cooperation ... This tournament again will be held in Eibergen-Groenlo and Zieuwent in the Netherlands ...