Ehron Von Allen - Guest Vocalists, Contributors and Remixers

Guest Vocalists, Contributors and Remixers

  • Roman Marisak - producer of the album "The Perfect Lie". Lead vocals and co-writer on "Shine". Guitarist on "Shine", "A Perfect Way" & "All I'm Asking For"
  • Daniel Myer - remixed "Multiverse" Haujobb Mix / Vocalist on Untitled song
  • Rudy Ratzinger - reworked "Sin Of Nature / Wumpscut Version"
  • George Pappas - remixed "World In Trouble" Alien Skin Mix
  • Professional Murder Music - remixed "A Perfect Way"
  • William Branham - narrator sermon preacher on "God In His Power" & "The Instrument Of God" Posthumous work
  • Jamison Weddle - produced and mixed the album "Incarnation". Performed guitar work on "Faded Memory"
  • Brian Vassallo - remixed "Enigma"
  • Morgan Hinton - lead vocals on "Ardent / Into The Wind" & "My Desire". Guest vocalist on "Countless Contradictions", "Insecure Armies" & "Hang On"
  • Alison Lewis - guest vocalist on the Recoil cover "Jezebel"
  • Irene Leon-VonAllen - narrated the song "Prophecy"
  • Nancy Allen Mitchell - lead vocals on "Estella", "Estella" remix and "A Heavy Burden"
  • Stephanie Bale - lead vocals & lyrics on "Quiet"
  • Sasha Stinchfield - narrator and translator on the Russian language song "Past Is Prologue"
  • Erektor - remixed "Artificial Knights Of War"
  • Stephen J. Allen - guest vocalist on "Incarnation - Stefan Joseph Mix"
  • Otto D'Agnolo - string and sound fx arrangement on "Countless Contradictions"
  • John Hall - photography, art direction, graphic design associated with albums "Incarnation", "Your Only Friend" & "The Perfect Lie"
  • M. Jason Allen - remixed "Don't Worry Anymore - Official Version Mix", author of the song "Smile", guest vocalist on song "Incarnation"
  • Michael W. Brown - lyrics and vocalist on the song "Inferno"
  • Todd Chuba - live drums on the songs "Virtues", "Countless Contradictions", "Red Angel" & "Estella"
  • Jeff Clark - narrator sermon preacher on "The True Prophet"

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