Educated Rapper

Educated Rapper (born as Jeffrey Campbell) was a rapper and cofounder of the hip-hop group UTFO, most famous for their song "Roxanne, Roxanne". Educated Rapper originally matriculated from City College of New York before UTFO signed their first record deal with Select Records.

True to his name, Educated Rapper cultivated an educated, erudite image, humorously contrasting with that of his cohorts . He was born in Hammersmith, a suburb of London and moved to Brooklyn with his Guyanese family at the age of 16. True to his name and the image he portrayed (wearing his University sweater and tie),graduated from the College of New Rochelle January, 2009 Valedictorian/Magna Cum Laude.

Next, besides that, he continues to be active in the underground hip-hop scene in conjunction with Mixmaster Ice of UTFO on his Internet radio show He is called upon for motivational speaking in public schools expounding on themes and issues that concern today's youth.

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