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Editors at newspapers supervise journalists and improve their work. Newspaper editing encompasses a variety of titles and functions. These include:

  • Chief or supervising editors, who may be called editor in chief, executive editor, or sometimes just editor
  • Managing editors and assistant or deputy managing editors (the managing editor is often second in line after the top editor)
  • News editors, who oversee the news desks
  • Editorial page editor who oversees the coverage on the editorial page. This editor often sits on the editorial board and assigns writing of editorials. The editorial page editor may also oversee letters to the editor or to the op-ed page. Alternately, these duties are assigned to separate letters or op-ed editors.
  • Department or section editors and their assistants, such as for business, features, and sports
  • Photo or picture editors
  • Copy editors
  • Readers' editors or public editors, sometimes known as the ombudsman, who field complaints from readers and respond to them
  • Wire editors, who choose and edit articles from various international wire services, and are usually part of the copy desk

The term city editor is used differently in North America and South America, where it refers to the editor responsible for the news coverage of a newspaper's local circulation area (also sometimes called metro editor), than in the United Kingdom, where it refers to the editor responsible for coverage of business in the City of London and, by extension, coverage of business and finance in general.

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