Edgy Women

Created in 1994, Edgy Women is an annual showing of short, highly physical works by women, often characterized by a transdisciplinary approach. Presented by Studio 303 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Edgy Women focuses on feminist perspectives with workshops and forums, performance events, and socializing. In 2010, it was held from mid to late March.

Past performers include actress Marie Brassard, Jess Dobkin (performance artist), Céline Bonnier (actress), Dayna Mcleod (performance artist), Sylvette Babin (performance artist), Coral Short (performance artist), WWKA (Women With Kitchen Appliances), Les Fermières Obsédées (Quebec City), Lazlo Pearlman (UK), and Jen Miller (USA).

Studio 303 presents Edgy Women as a way to highlight the work of women working outside traditional venues and disciplines. While the curatorial intent will remain similar — to programme an assortment of highly physical, politicized work — its new festival format more room and time to show full-length works and more non-local artists.

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