Ed Morgan

Edward, Ed or Eddie Morgan may refer to:

  • Edward Morgan (MP for Monmouthshire) (1560–1634), Member of Parliament (MP) for Monmouthshire
  • Edward Morgan (MP for Flint Boroughs) (1576–c. 1640), MP for Flint Boroughs
  • Eddie Morgan (baseball) (1914–1982), baseball player
  • Eddie Morgan (rugby player) (1913–1978), Wales international rugby player
  • Ed Morgan (baseball) (1904–1980), baseball player
  • Ed Morgan (professor), Canadian professor
  • Edward Delmar Morgan (1840–1909), traveler and linguist
  • Edward P. Morgan (1910–1993), American journalist
  • Edward Morgan (choreographer), New York dancer and choreographer
  • Edward Morgan (governor), Governor of Jamaica
  • Edward Morgan (priest) (died 1642), Welsh Catholic priest
  • Sir Edward Morgan, 1st Baronet (died 1653), Catholic supporter of King Charles I during the English Civil War
  • Edward M. Morgan (1855–1925), post master of New York

Famous quotes containing the word morgan:

    O, pluck was he to the backbone and clear grit through and through;
    Boasted and bragged like a trooper; but the big words wouldn’t do;
    The boy was dying, sir, dying, as plain as plain could be,
    Worn out by his ride with Morgan up from the Tennessee.
    Constance Fenimore Woolson (1840–1894)