ECW Anarchy Rulz (video Game)

ECW Anarchy Rulz (video Game)

ECW Anarchy Rulz is a professional wrestling video game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 2000 based on Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). It was released for the PlayStation and Dreamcast. The game is the sequel to ECW Hardcore Revolution and the last ECW game released by Acclaim. Acclaim would later start another wrestling game series with the release of Legends of Wrestling the following year.

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ECW Anarchy Rulz (video Game) - Reception
... Reception for the game was mixed-to-negative,with Metacritic giving the game a 43 out of 100 rating,based on 7 reviews,with the consensus being generally unfavourable" ... Most reviews did,however,point out a wide selection of wrestlers ... GameSpot says Things just don't feel quite right,and,even if you like the controls,the AI still cheats too much,the same boring combinations still lead to wins,and crowd involvement still takes ...

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