EBM may stand for:

  • Electron beam melting, a type of additive manufacturing for metal parts
  • Electronic body music, a music genre
  • "Epic Beard Man", see AC Transit Bus fight
  • Espresso Book Machine, a print-on-demand book printing press
  • Evidence-based medicine, an approach to medical research and practice
  • Expressed breast milk
  • Extrusion blow molding, a manufacturing process

Ebm may stand for:

  • E flat minor

Other articles related to "ebm":

German Network For Evidence Based Medicine - Activities
... congresses have been the key event for individuals and organisations interested in EbHC/EbM N science and education ... Members of the Network edited the first German language textbooks on EbM/EbN ... A national EbM curriculum for medical postgraduate education and professional development is another of the deliveries, developed within the DNEbM ...
German Network For Evidence Based Medicine - Aims and Goals
... goals are to promote the translation of EbM N/EbHC concepts, methods and processes into every day life – especially in clinical practice inform its membership about ... further development, dissemination and application of EbM N/EbHC principles, concepts, methods, techniques ...
... Evidence-based medicine (EBM) (sometimes called evidence-based health care or EBHC to broaden its application to allied health care professionals) has ... EBM recognizes that many aspects of health care depend on individual factors such as quality- and value-of-life judgments, which are only partially subject to quantitative scientific methods ... Application of EBM data therefore depends on patient circumstances and preferences, and medical treatment remains subject to input from personal, political, philosophical, ethical, economic, and esthetic ...
Espresso Book Machine
... The Espresso Book Machine (EBM) is a print on demand (POD) machine that prints, collates, covers, and binds a single book in a few minutes ... The EBM is small enough to fit in a retail book store or small library room, and as such it is targeted at retail and library markets ... The EBM can potentially allow readers to obtain any book title, even books that are out of print ...