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Magic (Runelords) - Legends and History - The Earth King
... Like the Sum of All Men, the Earth King is a legendary figure among all cultures ... The first human Earth King, for there have been Earth Kings of many races, was a man named Erden Geboren, who united humanity using wizardly powers ... It has become common for small, homemade dolls and icons of the Earth King to be placed at doorways during Hostenfest, an annual harvest festival, to invite the power and ...
The Lair Of Bones - Plot Summary
... Gaborn and his companions follow the trail of the previous Earth King, Erden Geboren, to its furthest, and when attacked by Reavers, they are forced ... Hammer, only to be captured and brought before King Zandaros ... Erin and Celinor meet Celinor's father, King Anders, who claims to be the new Earth King after Gaborn's loss of power, and they are forced to follow him south into Mystarria ...
University Of California, Berkeley - Notable Alumni, Faculty, and Staff
... reached out to the stars, orbiting the earth in NASA's fleet of space shuttles ... such as DHL, KeyHole Inc (known now as Google Earth), Sun Microsystems, and The Learning Company ... Soyuz rockets to work at the International Space Station orbiting the earth ...

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    “Would you—be good enough—” Alice panted out, after running a little further, “to stop a minute—just to get—one’s breath again?”
    “I’m good enough,” the King said, “only I’m not strong enough. You see, a minute goes by so fearfully quick. You might as well try to stop a Bandersnatch!”
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)

    Life is a series of diminishments. Each cessation of an activity either from choice or some other variety of infirmity is a death, a putting to final rest. Each loss, of friend or precious enemy, can be equated with the closing off of a room containing blocks of nerves ... and soon after the closing off the nerves atrophy and that part of oneself, in essence, drops away. The self is lightened, is held on earth by a gram less of mass and will.
    Coleman Dowell (1925–1985)