Early Woodland

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Iowa Archaeology - Woodland Period - Early Woodland (800 BC–200 BC)
... The Early Woodland period saw the introduction of ceramics to Iowa, including Marion Thick and Black Sand types ... Early Woodland Indians in eastern Iowa built large burial mounds in the Mississippi River region, and participated in long-distance trade of exotic raw material ... In north-central Iowa, Early Woodland peoples appear to have interacted more directly with the Prairie Lakes region of Minnesota ...
Prehistory Of West Virginia - Other Woodland Cultures
... The Mid-Atlantic region cultural pattern is found early in West Virginia ... An Early Woodland people from the east began to trade with the latest Archaic people ... Early Woodland peoples established sites on floodplains, terraces, saddles, benches and hilltops ...
Maple Creek Phase
... ending with the Early Woodland period ... It has a Late Archaic-Early Woodland period occupation with a minor Late Woodland component ... Heavy Stemmed points, are present at this site, as well as Early Woodland Fayette Thick ceramics ...

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    I already, and for weeks afterward, felt my nature the coarser for this part of my woodland experience, and was reminded that our life should be lived as tenderly and daintily as one would pluck a flower.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Foolish prater, What dost thou
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    Thou this damage to repair
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