Early Triassic

The Early Triassic is the first of three epochs of the Triassic period of the geologic timescale. It spans the time between 252.2 ± 0.5 Ma and 247.2 Ma (million years ago). Rocks from this epoch are collectively known as the Lower Triassic, which is a unit in chronostratigraphy. The Early Triassic is the oldest epoch of the Mesozoic era and is divided into the Induan and Olenekian ages.

The Lower Triassic series is coeval with the Scythian stage, which is today not included in the official timescales but can be found in older literature. In Europe, most of the Lower Triassic is composed of so-called Buntsandstein, a lithostratigraphic unit of continental red beds.

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... Lystrosaurus ( /ˌlɪstrəˈsɔrəs/ "shovel lizard") is a genus of Late Permian and Early Triassic Period dicynodont therapsids, which lived around 250 million years ago in what is now ... adapt better than most animals to the atmospheric conditions that were created by the Permian–Triassic extinction event and which persisted through the Early Triassic—low concentrations of oxygen and ...
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... No coal deposits are known from the Early Triassic, and those in the Middle Triassic are thin and low-grade ... are very few sediments of any type known from the Early Triassic, and the lack of coal may simply reflect this scarcity ... conditions by relocating, perhaps to areas where we have no sedimentary record for the Early Triassic ...
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... rose in the first 3 million years of the Triassic, ultimately reaching sea surface temperatures of 40°C in the tropics around 249 million years ago ...
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... Lystrosaurus is notable for dominating southern Pangaea during the Early Triassic for millions of years ... most common group of terrestrial vertebrates during the Early Triassic for a while 95% of land vertebrates were Lystrosaurus ... therapsid genera also survived the mass extinction and appear in Triassic rocks—the therocephalians Tetracynodon, Moschorhinus and Ictidosuchoides—but do not appear ...
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... prolonged environmental stress to organisms, which continued into the Early Triassic ... research indicates that recovery did not begin until the start of the mid-Triassic, 4 million to 6 million years after the extinction and some writers estimate that the recovery was not ... in the late Triassic ...

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