Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease

Early-onset Alzheimer's disease, also called early-onset Alzheimer's, or early-onset AD, is the term used for cases of Alzheimer's disease diagnosed before the age of 65. It is an uncommon form of Alzheimer's, accounting for only 5-10% of all Alzheimer's cases. Approximately 13% of the cases of early-onset Alzheimer's are Familial Alzheimer's disease, where a genetic predisposition leads to the disease. The other incidences of early onset Alzheimer's, however, share the same traits as the 'late onset' form commonly referred to as "Alzheimer's disease", and little is understood about how it starts.

Non-Familial early onset Alzheimer's can develop in people who are in their thirties or forties, but that is extremely rare. The majority of people with early-onset Alzheimer's are in their fifties or early sixties.

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