Eardwulf or Eardulf is an Anglo-Saxon male name. It may refer to:

  • Eardwulf of Northumbria, (floruit late 8th/early 9th century), ruler of Northumbria
  • Eardwulf of Kent (floruit middle 8th century), ruler of Kent
  • Eardwulf, Bishop of Dunwich (floruit middle 8th century), Bishop of Dunwich
  • Eardwulf of Rochester (floruit middle 8th century), Bishop of Rochester
  • Eardwulf of Lindisfarne (floruit late 9th century), Bishop of Lindisfarne

See also Eadwulf, Ealdwulf (disambiguation)

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Eardwulf Of Rochester
... Eardwulf was a medieval Bishop of Rochester ... Eardwulf was consecrated in 747 ... Between 759 and 765, King Sigeread of Kent granted land to Eardwulf and his clergy ...
Eardwulf Of Northumbria - Exile and Return
... Like many of his predecessors, Eardwulf took to exile when he was deposed ... kings with ties to Lindisfarne, who appear to have chosen exile among the Picts, Eardwulf was linked to Ripon, and chose a southerly exile ... The next reports of Eardwulf are in Frankish sources Meanwhile the king of the Northumbrians from the island of Britain, Eardwulf by name, being expelled from his kingdom and native ...
Eardwulf Of Northumbria - King
... Eardwulf became king on 14 May 796 ... Eardwulf was evidently married before he became king as Alcuin reproached him for abandoning his wife for a concubine soon after his coronation ... Archbishop Eanbald II—Eanbald I had died in the year of Eardwulf's coronation ...
Eanbald (floruit 798) - Life
... Eanbald became estranged from Eardwulf, king of Northumbria after denouncing Eardwulf's adulteries as well as Eanbald's sheltering of Eardwulf's enemies in church sanctuary ...