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Main Cast

  • Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon) - Mike Sweeney is a veteran homicide detective with trouble coming to terms with his past. He tries to escape it by leaving his old position and life behind after his professional partner is murdered. Sweeney moves his family to a renovated home in the suburb where he grew up, but realizes he cannot escape old demons. As his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer, he seeks solace in a support group with a teacher grieving the death of her mother.
  • Audrey Sweeney (Hélène Joy) - Audrey Sweeney is the emotionally starved wife of Mike Sweeney and is recovering from breast cancer.
  • Ray Prager Jr. (Greyston Holt) - Ray Prager Jr. is the self-conscious teenage son of Ray Prager Sr. He struggles to find his place while standing up for himself despite overbearing parents, and is caught in the middle of his parents' disintegrating relationship. He seems oblivious to his father's shady interests and is often silent about his personal aspirations.

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