Dunk or Dunking may refer to:

  • Slam dunk, type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim
  • Dunk (biscuit), dipping of food into a beverage
  • Dunking, a form of water torture
  • dunk refers to a highly customized 70's era Chevrolet, popularized by rapper Trick Daddy, as in "Dunk Rider"
  • Dunk (footwear), originally a basketball shoe produced by Nike Inc.
  • Dunk (band), a 1990s Canadian band from Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Dunk (elephant), the first elephant to reside at the National Zoo

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LKL All-Star Day - Events of All-Star Day
... Slam Dunk Contest This competition showcases the creativity and athletic ability of some of the league's best dunkers ... After each dunk, or attempted dunk, competitors are awarded a mark out of 10 from five judges, giving a possible high score of 50 ... The dunk contest is the highlight of the weekend ...
Basil's Swap Shop - Dunk Beds
... Dunk Beds was a regular game on the show, in which one member of a team had to push a bed along a track with each part of it scored depending on how far it went ... It returned for series 2 under the name "Dunk Beds Dunk Harder", with contestants pushing a bunk bed ...
List Of The Prince Of Tennis Characters - Protagonists - Takeshi Momoshiro
... Momoshiro's signature move is the Dunk Smash, a very powerful response to lobs as he leaps several feet into the air, which he likes to finish off saying, "Don ... He often fakes out opponents with a Dunk Volley ... In the anime, he develops the Super Dunk, a Dunk Smash that spins for a long time on the court before bouncing, thus confusing the opponent as to when it will bounce up ...
Jim Dunk
... Jim Dunk is an English actor most notable for his long standing role as Dave Stocks in the 2001 remake of ITV soap opera Crossroads, and his recurring role as Jack Helm on Doctors as well as a 1980s UK ad campaign ...