São Martinho de Dume is a Portuguese parish, located in Braga Municipality. It has a population of 3 081 inhabitants and a total area of 4.34 km².Dume enjoyed in earlier times a relief situation especially in the sixth century during the reign of Teodomiro king of the Swabians. His father, Charrarico, invoked St. Martin of Tours, a Teodomiro disease in childhood. Obtained a cure in 550, founded a church in Dume and sent emissaries to Gaul in search of relics of the saint. By providential provision, the emissaries of the king met with Martin of Pannonia, later called Dumiense and canonized, which was headed from Jerusalem to Gaul, the tomb of namesake and compatriot. That meeting showed him the place where it should go to exercise their apostolate, because until then the Swabians had professed Arianism. Landed, possibly in Portucale, where went to Braga, the court of Teodomiro, completing its conversion, with the help of Eleuterio bishop and the bishop of Coimbra, Lucêncio. From Teodomiro got the newly founded Church of Dume, with whom he built a monastery. So remarkable has become the application which in 558 was raised to the episcopal dignity, standing in the cathedral church, being the Bishop of Dume area of the monastery. With the Christian reconquest, after the Arab invasion, the small diocese of Dume became embedded in Braga. The ancient parish of S. Martinho de Dume was one resignation from the patronage of the presentation of the prelate Braga. In the parish there are several chapels, including one in the Romanesque style, in place of the Order, headed by S. Lawrence. It is tradition to have worked in the chapel chapter of the Cathedral of Braga, a time that an epidemic was raging in the city. Instead of Cabanas, there is a mansion with chapel, where he died on December 25, 1888, resigning the Archbishop of Braga, D. John Chrysostom de Amorim Pessoa. It is tradition to have been in this parish and places of Anteportas and Sobremoure, a great battle against the Moors.

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Coordinates: 41°34′16″N 8°26′02″W / 41.571°N 8.434°W / 41.571; -8.434

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