Duluth Model

The Duluth Model or Domestic Abuse Intervention Project is a program developed to reduce domestic violence against women. The Duluth model was developed by Minnesota Program Development, Inc., a nonprofit agency in Duluth, Minnesota. The program was largely founded by social activist Ellen Pence. The Duluth Model is featured in the documentary Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America.

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Domestic Violence - Management - Medical Response - Duluth Model
... See also Duluth model In 1981, the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project became the first multi-disciplinary program designed to address the issue of domestic violence ... This experiment, conducted in Duluth, Minnesota, frequently referred to as the "Duluth Project" because it is constantly evolving through the help of ... This program has become a model for other jurisdictions seeking to deal more effectively with domestic violence ...
Duluth Model - Criticism
... According to critics, programs based on the Duluth Model may ignore research linking domestic violence to substance abuse and psychological problems, such as attachment ... Some criticize the Duluth model as being overly confrontational rather than therapeutic, focusing solely on changing the abuser's actions and attitudes rather than dealing with underlying ... at the University of British Columbia who has studied abusive personalities, states "The Duluth Model was developed by people who didn't understand anything about therapy." The exclusive ...

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