Duel (1971 Film) - References in Other Works

References in Other Works

  • The dinosaur roar sound effect that is heard as the truck goes over the cliff is also heard in Jaws, also directed by Spielberg, as the shark's carcass sinks into the ocean. Spielberg has said that this is because he feels there is a "kinship" between Duel and Jaws, as they are both "about these leviathans targeting everyman." He has also said that inserting the sound effect into Jaws was "my way of thanking Duel for giving me a career."
  • Stock footage from Duel appears throughout The Incredible Hulk first season episode "Never Give a Trucker an Even Break," which originally aired on CBS on April 28, 1978. Spielberg was reportedly "not too happy about it," according to Matheson.
  • In the film Torque, the truck from Duel is seen and causes a biker to wipe out shortly after a red 4-door Valiant had driven past the bikers.

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