Dub - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Dub (wheel), an automobile wheel or rim that is twenty or more inches in diameter
  • Dub, son of the Celtic goddess Carman, in Irish mythology
  • Dub, Manx English (and other dialects) word for pond
  • An Onomatopoeic word to signify a heart sound, or heartbeat
  • Dub, short pronunciation of the letter W
  • Deubiquitinating enzymes, essential components of the ubiquitin-proteasome system
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, medical condition
  • Down Under Bowl, annual high school football competition in Australia
  • Dub, material such as fur or hair used in fly tying
  • Dub, nickname for a person originating from Dublin, Ireland
  • The Dubs, nickname for the Gaelic football team of the Dublin GAA
  • The Dubs – Dublin GAA since the 1940s, a 2006 book about the Dublin county Gaelic football team
  • Dub is used incorrectly to refer to the music genre Dubstep

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